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                   LARGE INT. DOLL & TDDY BEAR EXPO

Unfortunately, we had to decide that the announced date for the fair in Antwerp-Expo in Antwerp Belgium will not take place.
There are several reasons why we came to this decision, the most important being the parking problem for both exhibitors and visitors. Due to the construction of an extra hall, the available parking spaces have been drastically reduced. Last fair we had hall 3 at our disposal and the exhibitors could park there. If hall 3 is also rented out in 2024, a huge problem will arise during the construction day, the exhibition day and the dismantling day, which cannot be solved. This edition we received several signals that visitors could not park anywhere, all available parking spaces around the halls were full, here too the question: what if another event takes place. The 2nd reason are the well-founded complaints due to the closure of the indoor restaurant. At the last minute a 'Food truck' (a catering partner of Antwerp Expo) was deployed that was not prepared for the number of visitors and exhibitors, the range was insufficient and the prices exorbitant! What also brought a situation was the outside and inside temperature that was exceptionally high for June (30+ Celsius). The hall turned out not to have a cooling system and that was quite a challenge....Unfortunately there were also quite a few problems internally and that presented us as an organization with a number of challenges and caused a lot of stress. We got the job done, but it was a war of attrition.... After long deliberation, the above has made us decide that it is not responsible to include this location in our agenda any longer. We will be reviewing our plans for 2024 and will keep you posted.