Fairy tales do exist in Bruges!
Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August 2019

For the 33rd year in a row we organize fairs in the Belfort in Bruges Belgium.
In 2019 we present an exclusive international two-day teddy bears fair will be held in the
most beautiful city in Belgium!
The atmosphere in the amazing city of Bruges (also called little Venice) and the
beautiful hall on the ground floor of the Belfry, give you an
unmistakable feeling of nostalgia and fits perfectly with our theme

A mix of extraordinarily artfully made teddy bears and beautiful antique and old
teddy bears  will be offered for sale. The old toys in combination with
contemporary teddy bears and other plusche animals provide an incredibly fun and
interesting variation.
Opening hours: Saturday 24 August from 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 25 August from 11 am to 6 pm. The regular admission price is for
adults € 10, - and 65+ € 8, - per child up to 12 years for free accompanied by an adult..
For newsletter subscribers the entrance fee is € 6, - p.p.
If you do not want to queue for a ticket, buy it in advance in our ticket shop
available from the beginning of 2019.

We deliberately chose to organize TEDDY BEARS & MORE in the same weekend
as the spectacular 2-yearly music festival HAFA Brugge that also takes place
on the Market. Every day thousands of visitors come to Bruges to look around
in this beautiful historic city, while at HAFA Bruges there are many additional
visitors to enjoy this two-day music festival. During this mu
sical spectacle our
large gate doors, which are located at the Markt, are visibly open!
The opening hours for TEDDY BEARS & MORE is on Saturday 24 August from:
10.00 am until 17.00 pm exhibitors and visitors can still enjoy in the open air the
various music bands until 22.00 hours.
The final concert is on Sunday 25th. with about 300 musicians and starts at 16.30.
In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, we have adjusted the opening
hours on Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm.
You do not want to miss out  on this special day or weekend in Bruges!
But there is still much more to do in Bruges....make it a fun weekend and look at this
website: https://www.visitbruges.be/discover for all information about public transport,
for parking options, directions, hotel information, museums, flea markets, etc.

Address fair location: The Belfry, Markt 7, 8000 Bruges Belgium.

ATTENTION visitors! For 32 years you've been used to visit the dolls and teddy bears fair
in the upstairs hallsin the Belfry 'TEDDY BEARS & MORE' is however held in the hall on the
ground flour of the Belfry Tower the entrance is located on the Market (see arrow on photo).
The halls on the 1st floor are not available for the dolls and bears fair in 2019, however ...
in 2020 we will organize a doll fair in the lower hall in June and again 'TEDDY BEARS & MORE
in August!

Participants Does your car have GPS (navigation system) fill in: Steenstraat
at the end of this (one-way street) shopping street you will arrive easy on the Markt,
on the right you will see the square in front of the Belfry and the entrance gate to
unload your car. Participants must cross the square in front of the Belfry
(where the fries cars are) through the old gate to unload the car in the courtyard,
do not leave your car after unloading your car!
You can build up on Friday, August 23 from 10:00 to 15:00
or Saturday morning from 7:00 am at 8.00 am you have to park your car somewhere else!
Organization Niesje Wolters van Bemmel. Information for visitors and participants:
e-mail: info@niesjewolters.nl Tel: 0031 6 300 99 458

Bruges is a compact city. The use of motor vehicles in the historic inner city is not recommended.
Situated within walking distance from the city centre are different car parks where parking is free.
Slightly further from the city centre there are some free of charge P+R parking facilities from where
the city centre can be reached either using public transport, or by bicycle.
For these car parks, please check here.

In the “Blue Zone” (the designated area surrounding the city centre) you may park for up to four
hours without charge. Don’t forget you still need to display your parking disk!

Between 09:00 a.m. and 08:00 p.m. surface level parking in the city centre is limited in time
(4 hours maximum) and is metered (€ 1.80 for the first hour, € 2.40 for the second up to the fouth hour,
in total € 9.00 for 4 hours). Payment can be made either via sms, or using the app 4411, or making use
of your bank card, or using cash money. In each of these cases, one has to register one’s correct
licence plate number.
Parking in the city-centre is unlimited and most cost-effective at one of the two central car parks:
Centrum-Station (railway station) and Centrum-’t Zand.
Both are situated within walking distance of the Market square,
but you can also use the bus transfer with ‘De Lijn’ between the
parking Centrum-Station and the city centre (included in your parking fee for 4 passengers).

Please check here for all metered public car parks in the city centre and the rates applicable.

If you’re staying in Bruges, ask about the parking facilities at your accommodation in advance.

Our fair location: The Belfry, Markt 7, 8000 Brugge België
Taking your dog to a busy event, how nice is that for your four-legged friend?
Too often we have a nice day as owner, but it is less fun for the dog than we realize. An public event is bursting with sounds, smells, and people with caressing and grasping hands, for a dog an event can be a terrible ordeal, many dogs show stress or even exhaustion. We as an organization and dog lovers advise: Leave your dog in his/her comfort zone at home. 
Entrance visitors
HAFA Brugge spectacular 2-yearly music festival
Our beautiful hall in the Belfry Tower - ground floor.
Participants unloading their cars at the Belfry.